Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Episode 203 - Christine Lakin!

Star of television, movies, internet, and video games Christine Lakin (@yolakin) talks with Nathan for an extended bit about partying when you're young, just how awesome the band Chicago really is, and why Chili's should be underwriting my podcast. Also, music from San Cisco, Boy, and Ane Brun. Please to enjoy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Episode 202 - Elizabeth Laime!

I got to have a quick chat on the ol' telephonular device with hostess of the Totally Laime podcast Ms. Elizabeth Laime (@TotallyLaime on Twitter) and we even got to play a few games, chat about her day, and get weirdly x-rated in the last 5 minutes of the conversation. And I wasn't even the one who initiated it! It's a short episode but it's weird and slightly dirty. So all in all, I had a great time! Also, music from Melpo Mene, Guster, and Mike Snow. Listen and enjoy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Episode 201 - John Ross Bowie!

We're baaaack! And we're flying right in to Season 2 with an interview with improviser/actor John Ross Bowie (Big Bang Theory, Happy Endings). I'm back to rambling again, as we all have grown accustomed to. And there is also music from The Kooks, The Lumineers, and M83. Enjoy!